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Raju the elephant’s best friend is still suffering

Many of us were overjoyed when we heard about the release of Raju the elephant, who cried tears of joy when he was set free from a half century in chains. But did you know that Raju’s best friend Mohan is still suffering in captivity?

Click here to sign the petition demanding the release of Mohan the elephant – and reunite him with Raju.

Raju and Mohan met when they were just calves. They were both shackled and put on display at cattle fairs in India. Each night, Raju and Mohan were chained up to sleep next to each other. But while rescuers were able to free Raju, Mohan is still being abused by his owners.

Mohan has been in captivity most of his 56-year life. According to Wildlife SOS, he is suffering extensively from injuries, dehydration and malnourishment – reportedly being forced to eat plastic for food.

Last year’s plan was to rescue both elephants at the same time, but Mohan disappeared before they could reach him.

Now Mohan’s owner is refusing to give him up, and has even organized mobs to attack rescuers who are trying to help free him. A judge is deciding tomorrow whether to free Mohan. Will you add your name to the petition urging the judge to set Mohan free?

After all Mohan and Raju have been through, it’s time to help reunite them and make sure Mohan gets the care he deserves.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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