Remembering Orla

Always a sad day for Sands and I today as we remember poor little Orla who died 4 years ago.

They say that everything happens for a reason, but four years on I still can’t see any reason for her to have died. She had a heart defect and we had no option other than to put her to sleep, but given what she had suffered in her short life it is a daily reminder of the harsh and hurtful side of the re-homing work that Sands does.

She certainly made a difference to us in the short time that she was with us, and her relationship with Moreno is why we went on to adopt so many other cats.

Everyday I look at her photos on the wall in our hall and at the tattoo on my right wrist in memory of her and I miss her and wonder how she would have got on with the other cats. I am convinced they would have loved her just as we did, and still do!

Tonight we will have the same meal that we have every year on her anniversary, the meal that we had in our friends restaurant the evening we had put her to sleep: fillet steak, green pepper and fried potatoes. We will raise a glass to our beloved little Orla and wish her well wherever she is now.


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