Remembering Orla

Always a sad day as we remember poor little Orla who we lost in 2008. Poor little thing only had a short life, and she was ill for pretty much all of it.

Sands brought her home from a local rescue because she didn’t want her to die alone, and we were delighted when she rallied and seemed to have got better. She had a month with us playing with Moreno and enjoying a normal, active life. Then she got a temperature and we found out she had a problem with her heart that was unoperable.

Unfortunately we had to have her put to sleep.

She was such a brave, lovely little thing that put up with so much and got so little in her short life. At least we, and more importantly Moreno, gave her a good 4-6 weeks and she lives on in our life as a permanent inspiration behind the work we do with ALStrays.

So tonight we will have the same meal that we have every year to remember her and think of her with much fondness and a lot of sadness.

RIP Orla xx


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