Remembering Orla

Always a sad day for Sands and I as we remember little Orla who died six (6) years ago today, after a far too short a life, the majority of which was spent fighting an illness which eventually claimed her life: she had a congenital heart defect and had to be put to sleep.

She lives on though, for us, in Oscar, Fleur, Dusky and Kasper all of whom probably wouldn’t have been adopted if she had survived (or so we think) as in her brief time with us she became best friends with Moreno so when Oscar came into our lives we adopted him for Moreno and then with Fleur, Dusky and Kasper it was a case of ‘one more wont make a difference!’

We weren’t expecting her to be put to sleep at all so it was all very quick and unplanned, but she died purring and being stroked and knowing she was loved.

On the way back we stopped at a friends restaurant for a drink and ended up eating their, a meal we now repeat every year in her memory.

So little Orla today we remember you even more than normal and remain ever thankful that we had time with you.

RIP xx

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