Remembering Orla (RIP)

Eight (8) years ago today we sad farewell to sweet little Orla after a far too brief a time with us.

She was the first friend that Moreno had (he has never really got on with his Mum Saidi), so it is no exaggeration to say that Oscar in particular owes his life with us to Orla, as once she was gone we knew that we had to get Moreno a friend.

In all probability the rest (in particular Fleur, Dusky, and Kasper are here because she isn’t.

Eight year, but it seems just like yesterday that we lost her. It all happened in an unexpected way: she had been ill, but had got better, then went down hill. An xray revealed a shadow, so off to the specialist vet (this was before we knew Miguel) and a batch of test revealed an incurable and un treatable congenital heart defect, so we had no real choice other than to let her go there and then.

It was sad, and a real shock, and on the way home we went a friends restaurant (no longer hear) and ended up having a meal and a few drinks. To this day we always remember her with the same meal, so tonight will be no exception.

Sadly she is now joined by Sophie and Teo, with the three Urns sat together and their photos on the memorial wall (see Teo post).

So sweet little girl. It was far too short a time with us, but you made a huge impact on our lives, and continue to do so on a daily basis.

We love you and miss you sweetie xxx

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