Remix Acrylic for iPod touch

A very quick review (well more a mention really) of the Remix Acrylic for iPod touch ($29.99) that I picked up on my trip to Dubai.

I had got so fed up with waiting for a review unit of a case for my iPhone (watch out for a future post on how not to pitch PR to bloggers very soon!!!) and with my iPhone always ringing people back when I dropped it into my pocket of bag (and I had it set on 1 minute to lock) that I bough this case at the airport. It was the only one they had, was really meant for the iPod Touch but it does a good enough job.

It adds a fair amount of weight and a little bulk to the iPhone but it protects it well enough and (just about) stops it auto redialling when I drop it in my bag in a rush. The clip on the back is useful mainly when you turn it round and use it as a stand to watch the iPhone in landscape mode.


I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen it if I was shopping around, but I am pleased enough with it to recommend it if you are looking for something that is study, well designes and inexpensive. About the only drawbacks are that the clip is a bit lose when you want it to grip to say your jeans pocket, and the iPhone doesn’t fit in the dock when in the case. Apart from that it is well worth taking a look at.

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  1. Use a similar acrylic case for my 5th Gen and it has protected it well. did look at these but what i would really like is a full case for when the iphone is in the rucsac or in a dry bag in my kayak so it doesn’t get damaged. haven’t seen one yet as most cases are designed to use the iPhone in rather than just transport it.

  2. @Dunks – I wonder if the Peli range might suit you? In particular, it looks as if the i1010 might be what you’re after.

    Excerpt: “Water resistant, crushproof, and dust proof. Not for swimming or diving.”

    I recall seeing some of them in one of the smaller Jessops branches in Glasgow a year or so ago. Maybe they still do them? I don’t remember too much about them, except that I was basically impressed and they came immediately to mind on reading your comment.

  3. Goof grief – slow indeed. It certainly wasn’t like that when I dug it up during the week. Must be a temporary glitch…

    Chris – did you notice that they’re based in your adopted homeland – in Barcelona?

  4. > I have a pelican case

    That reminds me of this old rhyme…

      A wonderful bird is the pelican.
      His mouth can hold more than his belly can.
      He can hold in his beak
      Enough food for a week –
      And I’m damned if I know how the hellican!


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