Restaurant Dilemma

Meeting a friend for lunch. There is a new restaurant opened up recently in the marina. The new owners have taken over a place that had been there for years, but wasn’t a restaurant that I used very much at all … maybe 4 times in 10 years.

Do I go and try the new restaurant pretty sure in my own mind that it would be a ‘one off’ as I can’t see me wanting to give up on my current regular places, or do I go to a current regular on the basis that I know what I will get, and I very rarely go out to eat these days anyway?

Going to the new place will be different, but will probably give the restaurant false hope that I will become a frequent customer. I want them to do well (as I do every business locally) but not at the expense of restaurants that I already use.

Bit of a dilemma that: any new bar, cafe or restaurant is really going to have to take business away from existing ones as there certainly aren’t any new people around.

Stick with the old then? Tempting, but if every new business that opens fails that will put anybody off from opening anything.

Of course I could stay at home, cook some food here. Save some money, enjoy a better bottle of wine than I would be able to afford in a restaurant, enjoy (and use) the apartment that I have bought ……

Which leads to another, even bigger dilemma, how much responsibility should an individual feel for ensuring local businesses survive? How many bars, cafes and restaurants do you really need in your life? Can you name 5 that if they closed your life really would be worse off? Are they trying to help you pay your bills as they expect you to try and help pay theirs?

As for today, I am undecided. I need to pop down to the marina anyway and I literally haven’t been out for over two weeks. On the other hand it is a bit chilly and overcast, is very quiet pretty much everywhere, and I have some nice wine in the wine rack?

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