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RIP Teo (every sTEp On every day)

Tonight we said goodbye to Teo.

He was diagnosed with Lymphoma in June and over the summer he had some Chemo, but unfortunately tonight he lost his battle and Sands, Tigra, and Tito said our goodbyes.

He fought the cancer as he did everything in his life: with style, grace, good humour and dignity. Everyone that met Teo loved him, and those who know Sands and I will know how much we will miss him.

Without him though we wouldn’t have Tigra or Tito, and we wouldn’t have helped so many other Galgos through our ALStrays Project.

We will miss you big guy, and not a day will go by without you being remembered. During his illness I coined the phrase every sTEp On every day, and a while back I had it tattooed on my arm.

Thanks for being such a great dog, friend and guide to Tigra and Tito. You leave them in good hands and well equipped to take on the Nature Reserve and Beach that you loveed so much


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