Road King Charged Up

After months of neglect I have finally got round to charging up the 2002 Road King Classic, and bless her she fired up first time and sounded great.

Next on the list: air in the tires and then a good clean (she more than deserves it) and then …… start riding her. I have never been the sort of biker that will just pop onto the bike for the sake of going for a ride. I need to be using the bike for a reason: a trip back to the UK, an Iron Butt Ride, going to friends or (heavens forbid) to work.

So over the last couple of years I have just not used the Road King (or indeed the UK garaged Fat Boy) at all, and that has to change.

I have a plan! Both for regular use and to get a long ride or two under my belt again.

Watch this space or more accurately watch this blog.

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