Romanian workers in Britain send home £500,000 every day.

It is no secret that the Eastern Europeans have a great work ethic, and are more then willing to ‘go without’ themselves in order to send money back home, and until recently that was very much the case with the Morocans here in Almerimar. Unfortunatley as the greedy Spanish exploited them and paid them ‘black money’ they now have no work, no rights to any benefits and no way of returning home ….. but I digress!

I was surprised, and I should say impressed to read recently that an estimated 60,000 Romanian migrants work in Britain because they can earn four times as much as in their home country, and that a otal of £41million went to the eastern European country in just three months, according to the Romanian Central Bank.

At this current rate it means that in 2010 more than £160m went there. The figure in 2009 was £108m.

Experts reckon the actual figure could be 30% higher as the official statistics do not include informal transfers and unofficial movements of money, including cash moved between friends and relatives. On top of that, the bank revealed that last year alone the Romanian economy was boosted by £2.5billion sent from citizens working abroad.

The news prompted the usual cries about giving these jobs to British workers, yet again, but that continues to miss the point, these people are only working in the first place because the British workers (in this case) are too bone idle to get off their fat social services funded arses and do some real work!

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