Rooney Red Card

So Rooney has been banned for three games for what the FA deem to be an assault. Really, an assault! Maybe they should spend an evening on Moss Side or pick up a dictionary to learn the meaning of assault.

Chopper Harris, Norman Hunter, Tommy Smith could be their advisors, although they would still only call it a tackle.

Souness and Kean, how would the FA rate their behaviour: attempted murder?

Rooney was wrong. He kicked out like a school boy. Frustrated and fed up he tried to kick someone, who in turn went down like he had been shot. A real man would have turned round and squared up to Rooney, a natural reaction to being hurt it has to be said. Doubt the tap he received hurt, but such a finally tuned athlete as he has no problem with reacting as if his legs had been taken away from him.

Schoolboy stuff at worst, they should have been sent to their rooms after having had their legs smacked!

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