Safari 4 released today, offering ‘unparalled speed’

Among the torrent of news is the announcement that Safari 4 ships today, boasting “unparalleled speed,” especially when compared to IE8 (this is Apple talking!). Included in the new browser is a full history search, featuring a cover flow view of the user’s browsing history (as well as a full spotlight search).

And it looks like they’ve thought a lot about the browser when building the new OS — In Snow Leopard, when a plug-in crashes, the browser remains intact, meaning you can just reload the page, not the browser itself. Available today for Leopard, Tiger, and — of course — Windows. (Via Engadget)

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  1. 2 years ago, people thought this was the best offer Apple could have at the moment. 2 years forward, people are going crazy over iphone 4s. ūüôā I wonder what’s next for Apple now that Job Steve is gone.

  2. “I wonder what’s next for Apple now that Job Steve is gone.”

    Actually that is the big question that everyone in the worlds wants to know. Looking at the iPad 3 I can see a very bleak future for them.

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