Saidi Anniversary and Birthday

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Special day today as it is six (6) years since we adopted our second cat, Saidi. It is also her birthday, so happy anniversary and happy ninth (9th) birthday special lady.

She is mum to Moreno, or first cat, but you wouldn’t know it other than to look at them. She spent the first three (3) years of her life living on the streets, being fed by the Almerimar Cat Ladies (which included Sands at the time).

Unbeknown to me Sands plotted for a long time to get her into the apartment, and while Moreno and I may not have been overjoyed initially, I for one think it was a great move on Sands part.

Saidi is the most unobtrusive cat, loving nothing better than to find a spot of sun to sleep in. Her favourite spot is on our legs, usually after a shower or bath. Over the last year she has become good friends with Kasper which is great, and she also seems to like Dusky a lot. That is her ‘team’, as opposed to Moreno who has Oscar and Fleur on his ‘team’.

So prawns all round today to celebrate, and an extra long snuggle on the sofa this evening with the ‘old lady’.

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