Saidi Anniversary & Birthday

Saidi is seven today, but more importantly she will have been with us four years today, as she spent the first three years of her life out on the street having at least three litters, ad for the the last 12 months being fed by Sands who slowly fell in love with her and finally succumbed and couldn’t bear the thought of her being out on the street any longer and adopted her to join her son Moreno.

She is a remarkably sweet, small cat who wants nothing more to sleep in her favourite places (which tend to include the sun) and be stroked a lot! She gets on well with Dusky and Fleur, has a few issues with Oscar, and growls a lot at Moreno, yet they sleep pretty close to each other most nights on our bed!

After a trip to the vest last night for her annual injections and check up (she is fine) she will be spending the day as normal: a lie in on the bed snuggled into the duvet, her favourite Mousse for breakfast, a play and a kip on the roof, followed by an afternoon in the sun on the balcony. This evening she will no doubt be snuggled on the sofa with the heater on watching some TV with us, before claiming her fvourite place at night: snuggled between Sands and I, generally with my arm wrapped round her!

Enjoy the latest photo of our Duchess taken this Christmas.

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