Save 10,000 Bats’ Forest Home!

It’s bad enough that a colony of grey-headed flying foxes was driven out of their home in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens. Now, their new forest home is in danger, too.

Grey-headed flying foxes are a protected species in Australia. But that hasn’t stopped plans to destroy a coastal forest that 10,000 of them call home.

Many of the bats used to live in the Royal Botanical Gardens behind Parliament House, but they were driven away by the NSW government. Then, when they made the forest near Macksville their new home, Premier Barry O’Farrell ordered the roads department to destroy the area to build a highway.

These bats have done no harm to O’Farrell. As a protected species, they deserve respect and a safe place to live and breed. And if their forest home is razed, they will be forced to move somewhere else entirely — and the new location that could be more dangerous for them or more of an annoyance for humans.

O’Farrell needs to abandon his crusade to destroy these bats’ habitats. Tell him to stop the highway plans and let the bats live in peace!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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