Save Australia’s Powerful Owl from Extinction!

The Powerful Owl is the largest owl in Australia, and it’s found nowhere else in the world. But thanks to habitat loss, it’s also in danger of extinction — only 7,000 are left in the entire country.

The Powerful Owl, Australia’s largest owl, is endemic to the country — meaning it’s found nowhere else in the world. But destructive habitat loss is putting the entire species in danger.

The Powerful Owl requires large tracts of forest or woodland habitat. It prefers forest or woodland blocks of more than 200 hectares and avoids small patches and strips. It also tends to live in the hollows of old-growth trees, as does most of its prey. So when those trees are cut down — as is happening throughout Australia — neither the owl nor its food supply has anywhere left to go.

Additionally, the owls have been accidental casualties of “pest control” methods to kill less so-called “desirable” birds. In 2007, the New South Wales Labor Government put out poisoned bird seed to kill Indian mynahs, murdering native birds like Powerful Owls in the process.

More than 50% of forest and woodland in NSW alone has been cleared and the process is continuing: prime habitat for the owls has been targeted for logging or development projects.

The owl’s remaining habitat must be protected in order to keep this unique bird from going extinct. Tell Australia’s government to take action to save the Powerful Owl!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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