Save New Scottish Marine Species!

Four brand new marine species have just been discovered on the ocean floor off the coast of Scotland. But they’re already being put in danger of extinction.

Much like the farthest reaches of the rain forest or the craters of volcanos, the ocean floor is home to all sorts of animals that have never been seen by human eyes. Recently, scientists discovered four brand new species living on the sea floor off the coast of Scotland. There could be even more down there — but if destructive fishing practices continue, all those new species might go extinct before we even get a chance to study them.

Thanks to trawling, an incredibly damaging method of fishing that involves dragging a heavy net along the sea floor, species like the newly discovered sea snail or marine worm are being put in incredible danger. To get an idea of just how destructive trawling is, imagine sweeping your hand across a table full of precious china. And just like your grandmother’s china, these species can’t be replaced. Once they’re wiped out, they’ll be gone forever.

Other rare sea creatures in the vicinity would also be obliterated, including colonies of cold water corals, sea sponges and sea fans.

We have to close these sites to trawling before the animals who live in them are driven extinct. Ask the Scottish government to forbid trawling in those areas immediately.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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