Save Rama the elephant from his abusive handlers

In an illegal head-lifting competition, elephants are forced to strain their necks and trunks back to hold their head up for minutes or even hours. The last elephant to lower its head in pain and exhaustion is the winner.

Rama the elephant is a prize-winning elephant who’s been performing for 50 years. When he refused to lift his head at a competition, his handler beat him viciously.

Rita started a Care2 petition demanding the authorities arrest Rama’s handler and send this abused animal to a sanctuary. Click here to add your name.

Rita says that Rama is famous in South India and has a following of people who cheer him on. But even though his handlers win cash prizes for his performances, they don’t treat him well. They blinded him to make him easier to control and feed him so little that his spine shows through his skin.

Rama has already spent decades enslaved by his handlers. It’s time to help free this poor elephant.

Add your name to Rita’s petition to demand Rama’s handlers go to jail for animal abuse, and send the elephant to a sanctuary where he can heal.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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