Save Red Pandas Before It’s Too Late!

In the last 50 years, the red panda population has dramatically decreased worldwide. It’s bad enough that these unique, charming animals are dying out. But they also live in some of Asia’s most lush forests — meaning that as they’re disappearing, these ecosystems are, too.

The red pandas face threats from a number of places. They often get caught in traps meant for other animals; they are also poached so that people can make hats out of their beautiful pelts.

However, by far the biggest danger to the pandas is habitat destruction. In the eastern Himalayas, the forests where the pandas make their nests are being systematically cleared to make room for cattle grazing and cash crops such as tea. In addition, the trees are being chopped down for lumber, leaving the pandas with nowhere to sleep or raise their families.

The nations where these creatures live need to crack down on these harmful land management practices before the pandas die out for good. Tell the governments of Bhutan, Nepal and China to enact policies protecting red pandas!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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