Save the Birds of Burgh Castle Marshes!

The marshes surrounding Burgh Castle in Norfolk have long been a home for wildlife of all varieties. But a shooting club that recently moved in may put those animals in grave danger.

Burgh Castle isn’t just one of the best-preserved Roman monuments in England. Its marshes are also home to a number of wild bird and mammal species — animals that are being put in danger by the shooting club that recently moved into the area.

After the syndicate moved in, its officials immediately built a large industrial barn on the property. They’ve also dug out large holes in the marsh with the intention of luring migrating birds there to be shot.

Hunting for sport rarely has a place in today’s world, but this peaceful, secluded place, with its kilometres of walking paths and acres of natural environment, deserves special protection.

Though many local marksmen say their primary interest is in shooting clay pigeons, at the very least, they shouldn’t be allowed to disturb the tranquility of the marshes. And they certainly shouldn’t be permitted to kill local wildlife.

Keep the Burgh Castle Marshes safe from destruction and shooters!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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  1. Officials!? What are you talking about? It’s a young family, I went to school in Norwich with the daughter. Where is the proof to these wild and malicious rumours!??? Stop harassing this young family with these ridiculous claims.

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