Save the British Beaver from Being Captured or Killed!

The first beavers to be seen in England for centuries may be about to be captured or killed before they even get a chance at life in the wild.

For the first time in centuries, the wild beaver has been spotted in Britain. But rather than try and encourage this unique animal to thrive in the country, DEFRA may be planning to capture — or even kill — all of the creatures before they have a chance at survival.

Hundreds of years ago, beavers were a common sight in the United Kingdom. Soon, though, they were hunted to extinction for their fur and their meat. That’s why environmentalists were so thrilled when the first beavers showed up in Devon and elsewhere after years of reintroduction efforts. Before the beavers can continue breeding, though, DEFRA could ruin the species’ chances at survival for good.

According to activists, DEFRA has concerns about the beavers potentially carrying a rare parasite tapeworm, which is common in central Europe. The Devon beavers’ origin is unknown at this point, though, and any efforts to capture the beavers and relocate them could be lethal, especially for the younger animals.

What’s more, campaigners report that one of DEFRA’s plans includes actually killing the beavers outright.

DEFRA mustn’t be allowed to immediately undermine the work of scientists and conservationists with unfounded fears. Tell the agency to leave the beavers alone!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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