Save the critically endangered Balearic shearwater

New research shows that European leaders have the power to save Europe’s most threatened seabird — the Balearic shearwater — by creating a law that ensures commercial fishing lines are set only at night, when the critically endangered Balearic shearwater doesn’t dive for food.

If fishing lines are set at night, then Europe’s most endangered seabird doesn’t run the risk of being entangled by the nets. In fact, entanglement is a driving force that has the seabird “on the road to extinction” with fewer than 30,000 birds left in the wild (and only 3,200 breeding pairs). Their population is currently declining by 14% each year.

If politicians do nothing, at the current rate, the Balearic shearwater will go extinct within 60 years.

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Fortunately, European politicians can tackle this major threat by making the simple switch. Professor Tim Guilford of the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford explains, “The science shows just how serious the problem is, but also that there is a technically simple solution — the setting of demersal longlines at night.”

Please sign and share Jessica’s petition urging European lawmakers to save Europe’s most threatened seabird from extinction.

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