Save the Northern Quoll from Extinction

Dozens of animals in Kakadu National Park, including the northern quoll, are in danger of becoming extinct. Will you sign the petition asking the government to save these vulnerable creatures?

A startling 75 species face the threat of extinction in Kakadu, Australia’s largest national park. In fact, over the past 30 years, many animal populations in the region have declined by as much as 90% – and others have disappeared entirely. It’s time for the government to take action to save these rare and threatened creatures.

Sign the petition telling Prime Minister Abbott to protect the endangered animals in Kakadu.

Some of Kakadu’s native mammals, including the northern quoll, are found few other places on Earth. In order to save them, extensive work must be done across the park to fight threats to their survival. New conservation programs will take at least 10 years of continued effort and funding to be effective.

The federal government has recently added $750,000 in annual funding to the park’s budget to protect these vulnerable species. While this is a good step, we’ve already seen how big business and political rivalries can destroy the funding of environmental projects. Prime Minister Abbott has a track record of choosing business interests over the environment. We have to make sure that long-term conservation efforts in Kakadu won’t suffer a similar fate.

It’s up to us to convince Prime Minister Abbott to publicly commit to carrying out the full 10-year conservation plan in Kakadu. We have to act now – the survival of many endangered animals depends on it.

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