Save the wildlife and bluebells of Fanny’s Croft!

Fanny’s Croft is a greenfield area in Alsager, Cheshire, UK. It is home to many species of British wildlife and flowers — hares and birds, a bat roost and even badger cubs. There also appear to be native English bluebells there, which are also a protected species. However, the threat of development is hanging over this site.

I walk there most mornings and it shocks me to think that developers are proposing building a stadium, car park and over 250 houses there. That’s why I’ve started a campaign to save Fanny’s Croft.

We have no shortage of brownfield sites going derelict in and around Alsager which could be used instead. The sad bottom line is that greenfield is cheaper to buy, but it’s so short-sighted.

Please sign now to tell the local council in Alsager that you oppose the planned development on top of this wildlife haven.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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