Save Tigers From Deadly Wire Traps

Tigers are beautiful, majestic, and graceful. They’re also predators. In an effort to keep tigers away from their livestock, farmers in West Sumatra are setting wire traps that snare, wound, and kill tigers.

Instead of punishing increasingly rare animals for their natural behavior, farmers should use non-lethal methods to protect their livestock from tigers.

To harmlessly protect their livestock from tigers, farmers could confine the animals or bring them in before dark. Tigers are dwindling wildlife that have suffered from poaching and trapping in addition to loss of habitat from illegal logging and conversion. We shouldn’t allow anyone to needlessly threaten the population further.

Ensure farmers in West Sumatra stop using wire traps to kill endangered tigers. Sign the petition asking India’s government to ban the use of wire traps.

You can sign the Care2 peption here

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