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Scottish Independence

Seriously does anybody care about Scottish Independence? I appreciate that for some (but let’s face it it is a small number and a minority in their own country) passionate Scots it is an important subject, and I have no issue with their desires for debate, referendum, or indeed independence.

My question is: does anybody really care? Given that over 4million Brits have opted to leave their country and live abroad, that over 50% say they would love to retire abroad, and I can’t remember the last time over 50% of the British population voted in an election, does it even register as a matter of interest for the man on the street?

I suspect not.

Personally I don’t care at all, and by that I am being positive: if the Scots want to be independent then let them, absolutely no problem. But this can’t be a teenagers version of independence: access to Daddies credit card, home to Mother for a Sunday Roast and the washing sorted.

No if they want independence then it should be 100%: own government, own laws, (one could argue they already have their own language!), and own currency.

Let them leave the ‘nest’, grow their wings, stand on their own two feet.

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