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My Mac set up has been pretty stable for a while now. By that I mean that I haven’t had the need or desire to add any new applications for many months now. The reason is pretty simple; what I have is doing the job that I need doing more than adequately, and I really can’t be bothered to change for changes sake. Incidentally this carries over to Snow Leopard as well, I just can’t be bothered to upgrade 5 Macs that are all working just fine!

The other day though I had a need to create some quick screencasts. I have always liked the idea of screencasts, but never had a need but last week I had a client that was really struggling with some elements of updating their blog, and as they were Spanish and my Spanish is nowhere near good enough to explain WordPress, I thought that the easiest thing to do would be to screencast the process, and then send it to them using Dropbox (that is another story, but it worked fine in the end).

My weapon of choice to produce the Screencast? Not really tough to guess is it as this is a review of Screenium ($29) from Synium Software. If you ‘Google’ “screencast software for macs” they don’t exactly jump off the page at you, in fact they don’t really appear on the page, but Tim suggested them so I was more than happy to give them a try, and I am very glad that I did!

Quickly make live videos of your Mac’s screen… capture everything that’s happening there, including mouse pointer, selections and movements — in real-time!

As I said above it is a while since I have installed anything new on the Macs so it brought a fond smile of remembrance to this old face at the ease at which the Mac handles an installation. I know, old hat and all that, but sometimes a reminder of the basics is all it takes to remind us why we love the Mac so much!

Once installed I was impressed, but not daunted, by the range of options available. Basically there are four capture modes: Fixed Area, Full Screen, Mouse Area and Single Window, which covered all the bases as far as I was concerned!

As far as the settings go I found these easy enough to understand (important as I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to audio and video stuff)


Video Settings


Audio Settings


Camera Settings

I particularly liked the Activate Camera Capture setting which captures the iSight image at the same time, great for tutorials.


Mouse Settings

The Capture Mouse Pointer is particularly cool!

Example Screencasts

Screencast on how to use the Forum

Screencast on how to leave a Comment

Screencast describing the content and features of the Almerimar Life Site

Key Features

  • Full HD Video & higher resolutions
  • On the fly Audio recordings
  • Capture ‘movie in movie’ for creative tutorials
  • Easy to use, clean UI
  • Optional time-delayed and time-limited recording
  • Asynchronous capturing for enhanced recording quality

Useful Information

You can see a demonstration video here

You can download the application here

Final Thoughts

GREAT value at $29. I am sure that the serious Screencast Guru’s will find shortcomings but I can’t really see what more you would need, especially as other applications can be used to enhance the video. It integrates perfectly with the Mac UI and other applications, is a joy to use, and adds another dimension to the way I use my Mac. Certainly worth a look if you have any need or desire to screencast.

Blurb From The Developers

We made Screenium 1.0 available on October 1st, 2008. Frequent updates with enhancements and feature additions followed, and we’re proud to have received numerous raving reviews over the past months. Screenium well established itself among other peer applications in the dominion of screen capture and screen casting, offering our customers a highly rewarding, yet ever-improving, unparalleled user experience.

Screenium 1.1 premiers a much more powerful capturing engine, with support for reliable, pristine multichannel audio and video from various internal and external sources. We also added configurable visualization for mouse actions, including display of button names. New »Status Indicators« clearly show if Screenium is still recording or if it has been conveniently paused in mid-session. By one look at Screenium’s Dock icon, you’re able to tell if your picture-in-picture recording is actually running fine.

The introduction of version 1.2 marks improvements to the user interface, making Screenium all the more accessible and intuitive to use. While reworking the mouse-based area selection, we added a textual input window for area size and position. Our HotText feature now allows to define the font size as well as font color, position and duration – oh, and the text overlays fade in and out smoothly. The mouse pointer visualization now features a click counter and even shows mouse wheel usage.

Should you miss any particular feature in Screenium, we’re happy to receive comments and suggestions from you, our users. Whenever you wish to contact us with feedback about Screenium, simply drop us a line at

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  1. “GREAT value at $29. I am sure that the serious Screencast Guru’s will find shortcomings but I can’t really see what more you would need”
    For the life of me, I don’t see how they can offer something of this caliber at such a price. Must be some upsell or something coming later on.

  2. This is a real dog. Refuses to run if any app is running, even in the background, that is thinks could run copyrighted material. (So ANY audio/video software) No transferring your old media to digital format, which is what I wanted to do.

    So I thought, ok I’ll just use it to record my great game moments and the like. Screenium will record, but will not export ANYTHING. The error message says I may have to pay for any video formats I’d like to save in. WTF? Pay again?

    So, this fails totally at everything it is advertised as doing.

    0 stars.

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