Seals dying. Please help them!

The Canadian ice floes are running red with the blood of young seals who have been barbarically slaughtered. With each minute that passes, more seals are beaten with a hakapik (basically a club with a nail through it) or shot and then stripped of their skin.

Already, thousands of wonderful PETA supporters have urged the Canadian government to end the shameful slaughter and hundreds have made donations to protect the seals and other animals, but we haven’t received a gift from you yet.

Please make a donation today to help us protect seals and other animals.

Canada has a new leader, which means a new chance to stop this slaughter. We must keep the pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to end wasteful subsidies for the commercial sealers and bring this annual slaughter to its long-overdue end.

Seal-fur sales to the EU and Russia have already been stopped, and China remains closed as a market, but it’s not enough. With your help, we’ll mobilise thousands of people to speak out against the slaughter and push the new Canadian government to stop the bloody commercial seal trade.

Chris, we’ve never been closer to seeing an end to this annual massacre, but we need your support in order to work to get across the finish line.

Please donate today and support PETA’s efforts to protect baby seals and other animals.

And join our call for a permanent end to the bloody seal slaughter.

You can donate here

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