Security Cam app turns your iPhone into a security camera

Couldn’t resit giving the 99ยข Security Cam application for the iPhone from Crowded Road even though I couldn’t see the point of it!

Apparantly the application was first submitted to Apple in December 2008 but hasonly just been launched as the concept of using the iPhone as a spying device proved a stumbling block.

Security Cam offers two camera-related functions: frequency capture, which lets you set a specific frequency for how often the iPhone’s camera will take a photo, and audio trigger, which takes a photo whenever a customizable, pre-defined level of noise is detected. A third mode, frequency and audio, combines the two features, taking photos at predetermined intervals as well as whenever the sound threshold is met. All photos are time and date stamped.

It does all of the above very well indeed but to me there are two pretty significant stumbling blocks:

  1. You have to be with your iPhone holding it and pointing it at whatever it is you want to secure in which case I am pretty sure your presence will add far more security than the iPhone running Security Cam
  2. You have to leave your iPhone pointing at whatever it is you want to secure in which case I am pretty sure any thief would happily pocket your iPhone!

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