Shut down the awful Gaza Strip zoo!

Animals in a zoo in the Gaza Strip are dying from starvation, neglect and chemical exposure. Shockingly, the zoo owner continues to display the animals after they die, keeping decaying corpses in cages alongside living animals. He even took a taxidermy course online so that he can embalm the animals himself, saying “It doesn’t matter if the animal is alive or dead. We still want to see it.”

These animals don’t deserve such horrible treatment. Let’s act now to demand that this zoo be shut down – sign the Care2 petition to zoo owner Mohammed Awaida today!

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict prevents caretakers from reaching the animals for long periods of time and chemical warfare takes a further toll on their health. Heartbreaking photos of South Forest Park Zoo show a lion’s emaciated body decaying in the sun and a mummified baboon who died bearing his teeth.

Mr. Awaida continues buying animals online despite the awful conditions. He smuggles them into through an illegal tunneling system by paying bribes.

We can’t stand by and let these animals continue to die slow and painful deaths. With enough pressure, Awaida may stop collecting animals and allow the surviving creatures to be taken to a sanctuary where they can receive regular care. Sign the Care2 petition demanding that the zoo be shut down – let’s make sure zoo owner Mohammed Awaida hears from 46,000 Care2 members today!

You can sign the Care2 Petition here

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