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Shut Down the “Monkey School!”

At a circus called the “monkey school” in South Korea, the fragile animals are trapped in tiny cages, dragged around on leashes and hung up by their necks with their arms tied behind their backs.

Visitors to the circus called the “monkey school” in South Korea might delight at seeing the tiny creatures dressed in human clothes and doing tricks. It’s bad enough that these wild animals are forced to perform unnatural activities in front of a screaming crowd — but a secret video also discovered abysmal cruelties involved in their “training.”

Behind the scenes, the monkeys are kept in tiny cages. In order to force them into learning how to ride scooters or jump through hoops, trainers drag them by leashes around their necks while the animals struggle helplessly. If they try to run, their hands are tied behind their backs, making it impossible for them to flee without toppling face-first into the ground.

The only time these intelligent, incredibly emotiona lly sensitive young animals are allowed out of their prisons is for training or performances. The rest of the time, they’re left lonely, terrified and hopeless.

Congresswoman Hanna Chang has proposed a Zoo Act that would establish animal welfare standards and prohibit circus-like animal performances. Please sign the petition to convince the Korean Government to pass the Zoo Act and shut down this cruel “school” for good!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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