Shut down this illegal swim with dolphins facility!

Blackbeard’s Cay is a swim with the dolphins facility that has deplorable conditions: the dolphin pens are only 7 feet deep at mid tide, there is no shade and there is no protection in case of hurricanes.

Because of this awful treatment, the Supreme Court ruled that the facility had to be closed down and the dolphins moved to a suitable – more humane – location. But the government is failing to enforce the judge’s order, and instead has now approved another dolphin facility to be opened.

Sam started a Care2 petition demanding the government close this illegal facility and stop future captive dolphin exhibits. Click here to add your name.

The facility already had the chance to appeal the judge’s decision, and at the end of August the judge again ruled that this facility be closed. Now the government is failing to follow through on the court’s decision, and hoping the public won’t notice.

It is critical that we express our objection to this facility and government inaction to close it – if enough of us speak out, the authorities will be forced to take action.

Please urge authorities in the Bahamas to follow the law and close down this illegally-running facility. Together we can make sure these dolphins no longer suffer in tiny, dangerous pens.

You can sign the Care2 petition

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