Situation In Greece

Received this ‘feedback’ from a mate who has just been to Greece which I think gives a really good insight, first hand as they say!

They are depressed because officially the suicide rate has gone from the lowest in Europe to the highest. However, shockingly, the businesses still aren’t giving out receipts meaning they aren’t paying taxes at all. Also, the Greek government have made citizens into tax inspectors. If you don’t present a certain number of receipts with your yearly tax report you get in trouble – but with cash in hand tourism businesses this doesn’t make any sense. And the real tax inspectors still haven’t started looking at anyone.

So you will get a receipt at McDonalds or when you buy water at a kiosk but not from restaurants, bars or even hotels that make lots of money. So you still see lots of Porsche Cayennes in Naxos but the schools don’t have computers and didn’t have any books on the first day of term!!

That’s the current situation!

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