Sky+ HD Thomson Replacement

Sky + HD Thomson box users will soon see a warning message on their screens, saying that they can receive a FREE replacement SKY + HD box at no extra cost.

Obviously this only applies to Sky users in the UK, as users in Europe will simply not be eligible to receive these boxes directly from Sky Television so would need to contact there local dealer and purchase a new replacement.

Why are Sky doing this?

Thomson Sky + HD boxes have been known for not exactly being the most reliable on the market. In fact it has been said that this is one reason why Sky purchased the Amstrad set top box division from Alan Sugar, and are now making their own “Sky” branded boxes.
Sky have stopped updating the software in the Thomson satellite receivers.

This means that all Thomson Sky + HD boxes will soon lose the ability to view encrypted HD channels, as the software currently loaded into these boxes are not compatible with the new sky encryption software.

This new software is also rumoured to accompany a sky card change in the near future, again to increase security and to reduce Piracy.

One of the changes to the Sky encryption was the introduction of another level of “Sky Card Pairing”, which uses not only the Sky + HD version and serial number, but also a number generated by the Sky box, the “Receiver ID”.

Thomson users will need to get a new Sky + HD box, and get there Sky card “Paired” to the new receiver should they wish to continue viewing Sky’s premium channels.

This is also a good warning for anyone looking to buy a Sky + HD box via the internet from the likes of eBay or Amazon. The boxes may suffice for the basic “free to air” channels like BBC, ITV, C4 and Fives, but will not work in the future with a Sky viewing card and Sky pay channels.

Via: IPTV Worldwide

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