Smack Talk and using 12seconds with the new iPhone 3GS!

They have been good at Smack talk here at the 12seconds world headquarters (the 12oplex). But, there’s some serious professional smack talk going on in the NFL right now. At 12seconds, we back up our 12ers no matter what. ShawneMerriman of the San Diego Chargers responded to a bunch of Chad Johnson’s tweets about him with a 12. This 12 is getting a lot of airplay right now on ESPN. Witness the intensity and give him a word of support.

San Diego 12up/Tweetup with Shawne Marriman

Speaking of San Diego, we’re headed there now for an awesome 12up/Tweetup in San Diego! This is going to be a rad event featuring the guy in the video above. 500 people are coming but you’d be the guest of honor. You should come and join us, click here for details…

The iPhone 3GS

Did you buy an iPhone 3GS? Well you should! It does video and does it well. It is amazingly easy to record video on the 3GS…

1. Grab your mobile email address from the action bar at the top of your 12seconds recent page.
2. Add it as a contact on your iPhone – call it 12seconds
3. You can find it in your contacts at the very bottom of your list
4. Open your camera application and switch to the video function
5. Make a video and hit the “email this video” option. We’ll take the subject of the e-mail and set that as the title.
6. Choose 12seconds from your contacts and wham! You’re sending video from your iphone…

We got a lot of videos from the new iPhone over the past week that were sideways… to make sure you’re sending video that will show up correctly for everyone else, just make sure that your iPhone’s big home button is on the RIGHT side while recording. Of course, none of this matters for long as we’re working hard on our super rad, hot, new iPhone app that we’ll be releasing soon so keep on the lookout for that.

Don’t forget!

Win a chance to sit on the Chelsea FC bench during a game! Show us you are the 12th Man in a 12 second video and the winner of the best video receives a once in a lifetime opportunity to SIT ON THE CHELSEA BENCH at the Seattle Sounders game on July 18th, 2009!

Special thanks to everyone who we got to see at the #140conf in NYC. We can’t wait to see you tonight in San Diego.

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