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Love my HTC One Dual SIM and am very happy with my two Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1’s (long story but I bricked the SIM card on my first one so bought a replacement intending to sell the bricked one as WiFi only ….. but I am still using it in the TV room in the apartment!), but while I was setting up the HTC One Dual SIM (which was replacing my Samsung S4 Dual SIM) I had a sort of epiphany as to the way I had been using the two devices – smartphone and tablet over the years.

First a confession: I am remarkably anal about having my technology ‘set up right’ and have lost track of the hours I have spent over the years syncing phones, calendars, address books etc.

By way of examples: I have both Samsung 10.1’s set up exactly the same. The same applications, same widgets, same page order. Wity my Google Contacts for those without profile photos I have added them … by group.

As I said anal!

So when setting up the HTC I was happily emulating exactly how I had set up the S4 when it dawned on me that I was essentially making it into a mini tablet, and filling it with applications and widgets that were more relevant to a tablet than a smartphone BUT because they were on the smartphone I was using the phone rather than the tablet.

As a result I decided that I wouldn’t put any applications on the phone initially. I made a list (I like lists) of what I felt I would use the smartphone for and what I woukd use the tablet (s) for. I then spent time seeing what I naturally went to do on the phone, but couldn’t, and if the tablet didn’t do the job how I required I added the application to the phone.

Result is a totally different set of applications and widgets than I used to have on the S4, far few applications on the HTC, and more use of the tablet (s) which means better battery life on the HTC, less use of data plan, and more time away from the interruptions of phone, SMS and WhatsApp.

Try it yourself, you will probably surprise yourself.

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