Solo or Two Up

Up until recently I had both the 2001 Fat Boy and the 2002 Road King Classic here in Spain, so was fortunate to have them set up as solo (Fat Boy) and two up (Road King Classic.

Personally I think the two bikes look best set up this way, but check out the photos below to see if you agree.

Now that I have taken the Fat Boy back to the UK though I have taken the two up seat and saddle bags for the Fat Boy to the UK, and bought a solo seat for the Road King Classic.

I am not a huge fan of the Fat Boy set up like this, although Sands does like the raised pillion seat as it gives a better view, but the lack of a screen and the wide bars means it isn’t an ideal touring bike.

The Road King Classic on the other hand with a solo seat and the screen removed does look very cool indeed, and makes for an entirely different riding experience with being that much further towards the rear of the bike when riding.

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