Spain, don’t let British expats change you

In my Telegraph Expat column this month I have taken a look at the relationship between Expats and Spain, and questioned if Spain should stand up for its culture more.

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a piece of game theory that shows that while it would be in the best interests of two parties to co-operate, they don’t. I was reminded of this recently here in Spain when considering many expats’ reaction to the ongoing crisis facing the country.

It really was depressing last week in Spain, with the general strike taking 800,000 Spaniards onto the streets to protest at labour reforms, and the following day the Government announcing around €27 billion of budget cuts and taxes, including a seven per cent increase in the cost of electricity. The number of new mortgages issued fell for the 21st consecutive month, 51 per cent of drivers tested for drugs failed (although rather bizarrely, given the circumstances, Spain is considering increasing the speed limit on motorways to 130km/h) and it was announced that Spain is the European country with the second highest spend on private health care.

Read the full column on the Telegraph Expat here

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