Spanish Beach Life

Never been a great fan of the beach, but then again born in the UK in the 60’s going to the beach was vastly different from these days in Spain: bucket & spade, windbreak, fish & chips, rain, and a cold sea.

Even in the 70’s when we ventured to Spain and Greece on holidays I much preferred the pool: I basically don’t like sand between my toes, salt water, or the fact that the sea contains sharks!

Things have improved in so much as I really enjoy walking the dogs on the beach here in Spain, and have even been known to go in the sea for a swim with them. Mind you, I had lived here for 12 years and never ventured onto the beach other than a (very) occasional party of lunch in a chiringuito (before our part of Spain when all pc and banned them – although they have relaxed that this year).

I love living by the sea, eating by the sea, running, walking and cycling by the beach, but I have no desire to be ‘on’ the beach.

Certainly not all day like the Spaniards. I mean what is there to do: nothing!

Which is exactly the point of being on the beach, I am a huge admirer of the skill and dedication that the Spaniards bring to a ‘day on the beach’.

First up it is a whole day. To be fair it would have to be in order to make it worthwhile carrying all the chairs, umbrellas, gazebos, cool boxes of food and drink, towels and small paddles and balls which they seem able to entertain themselves with endlessly.

I am pretty good at doing nothing and can (and do) occupy myself around the apartment for days and weeks on end, but give me 20 minutes on a beach and I am bored. Actualy not bored as I never get bored, more restless, usually because I have forgotten something, or remembered something that I wanted to make a note off, quickly reply to, remind myself of etc etc.

For me to be on a beach all day cut off from everything else would not be my idea of a good time, BUT I can see totally the benefits. The Spanish have a great approach to their holidays: they find a beach with nothing to do and they do nothing – they talk (eat & drink), swim (eat & drink), get a sun tan (eat & drink), sleep (eat & drink), and then they go back to their rooms, shower and go out for something to eat and drink. Repeat for 14 days and you have a totally relaxed Spaniard!

If I had been born in Spain who knows?

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