Spider Man 3 & The Flying Scotsman

Watched Spider Man 3 and The Flying Scotsman on the flight over last Sunday.

Enjoyed Spider Man 3 but it felt a little ‘old’ as this was the 3rd one, and I thought it lost its way a little in the middle when he had the character change.

The Flying Scotsman on the other hand was excellent. A great ‘feel good’ movie with some great characters based on the true story of a cyclist striving against the odds. Well worth a watch.

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  1. I’ve met him, you know. No – not SpiderMan. And not Jonny Lee Miller either. No, I met The Flying Scotsman himself – Graeme Obree – last year.

    I knew that a friend of mine who works in Edinburgh had him do motivational speaking at some of her work events. One day last July, we went for a run down the coast to Culzean Country Park to get some fresh air and to try to get some photos. The rain began to come down quite heavily after a while so we started heading back to the car. On the way back I realised that my friend had spotted somebody she knew. To me it just looked like a couple of ordinary people, but it turned out to be Graeme and his wife, Anne. They’d been sheltering, waiting for the rain to pass, when either they recognised my friend and waved or she spotted them from the distance. It was all quite a surprise since my friend stays in Edinburgh, I’m in Glasgow and the Obrees live further down the coast a bit. What was even more surprising was that earlier on, my friend had been telling me a little bit about her work with Graeme!

    I was introduced and we all headed back towards the cars together chatting. I ended up in his company for probably about an hour or so. We stopped at the the Orangery, beside the Fountain Court Garden, and just kept talking, before finally splitting up so we could get some more photos. Both Graeme and his wife came across as very down to earth.

  2. That is really cool. In the movie he has a somewhat ‘dark side’ to his character and attempted to hang himself. Not sure that was true or not but good to see that he seems like a solid type of guy.

    Now if you bump into Spider Man on your travels be sure to let me know …….

  3. I couldn’t comment on the dark side, as portrayed in the film. I only met him for a short time and I haven’t seen the film, so it wouldn’t be right to speculate. (In fact, I’d feel totally uncomfortable speculating on that subject.)

    I’d much prefer to bump into Mary Jane on my travels, though maybe not when out with my friend!… 😉

  4. I think Spiderman 3 was horrid. Not enough time spent on the most interesting enemy, mainly Venom. Sandman was completely unnecessary, and the friendship of New Goblin and Spiderman???!!!! Outrageous! Also that scene when Peter Parker is infected with Venom bug and he does all these silly dance moves on the street, just made my cringe! Overall as much as I liked the first Spiderman, I hated this one.

  5. I never particularly thought the first one much good though, to be fair, it had to set the scene for those who hadn’t followed the comics many years ago. On the other hand, I thought the second one was much better. I haven’t seen #3 yet.

    I have a vague memory of being quite impressed by the Sandman’s special power. Not that I’d necessarily pick that one if offered a list… 🙂

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