Stand Against Horse Deaths in Ireland

Sulky racing, where horses are strapped to lightweight carts and galloped down main roads, puts animals and humans in terrible danger.

Last week, a two-year-old pony crashed into a vehicle head-on as it galloped down a busy road near Kilkenny, Ireland. By the time police arrived, the pony’s owners had fled the scene — abandoning their animal to scream in agony as it slowly died on the side of the road.

This pony, which was too young to even be ridden, had been lashed to a lightweight cart called a “sulky” and driven at top speed down the public Kilkenny to Waterford Road. Unfortunately, this tragedy was far from the first instance of an animal suffering fatal injuries from sulky racing: Earlier this year, a horse collided with a car during a sulky race and died at the scene.

And the horses aren’t the only ones being put in danger. Because these races typically take place on public roads with movin g cars, drivers, pedestrians, and the sulky riders themselves are risking horrific consequences from this so-called “sport.”

Sulky racing is a cruel, outdated activity. It has no place in the modern world, and it certainly doesn’t belong on roads with automobiles. Ask the government to crack down on dangerous sulky racing immediately!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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