Stand Up to Protect Horses in Dublin

Last week, a horse in a Dublin housing estate was mown down with a quad bike and beaten with a wooden plank — and the police were unable to do a thing.

Horses on a council estate in Dublin are being tortured on a daily basis by the residents — and police say they’re unable to do a thing.

Last week, local animal welfare groups reported that a horse in the Cherry Orchard estate was run over by a quad bike before being beaten brutally with a wooden plank. When volunteers tried to rescue the animal, residents threw broken bottles at them until they were forced to flee. The horse was eventually removed from the premises — but later that day, the mutilated body of a foal was found in the same field.

Unfortunately, this brutality is nothing new, according to welfare activists. Uncontrolled over-breeding has led to thousands of horses requiring care in Dublin alone. Although microchipping and castration is supposed ly required by law, it is rarely enforced.

We can’t allow this abuse to continue. Ask the Irish authorities to crack down on horse neglect and cruelty in the country!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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