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Stop Allowing Wealthy Tourists to Kill Lions

In South Africa, lion cubs are routinely taken from their mothers, raised to trust humans, and then hunted to death by wealthy tourists.

In South Africa, there are more lions in captivity than there are in the wild. But it gets worse — these lions are routinely raised to trust humans, then left vulnerable to being slaughtered to death by a hunter.

This practice, which is, believe it or not, legal, involves taking lion cubs from their mothers and allowing tourists and celebrities to pet them. When these babies grow too large to be cuddled, sometimes they wind up in a zoo. More often, their captors allow people to pay thousands of dollars to kill them.

These lions have never been in the wild. They don’t know how to defend themselves. As far as they’re concerned, humans are their caretakers and their friends. Yet they’re trapped, helpless and afraid, as a wealthy entertainment-seeker murders them in cold blood for a laugh or two.

It’s absolutely appalling that this cruelty is still legal in South Africa. Ask the government to ban “canned lion hunts” immediately.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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