Stop brutal wolf killings in Alberta and B.C.!

The government is killing wolves again, supposedly in the name of conservation. This brutal slaughter has been going on for years – more than 1,000 wolves in Alberta have already been shot, poisoned or strangled.

Act now to stop this inhumane wolf cull – sign the Care2 petition to government officials today!

The government says that the killings are necessary to save woodland caribou. But in fact, caribou are endangered because industrial logging and oil and gas development has destroyed their habitat.

Rather than fixing the real threat to caribou, the government is blaming wolves and using this justification to kill them.

The government won’t stop this barbaric cull unless they hear from enough people demanding protection for the wolves. Sign the Care2 petition urging wildlife officials in Alberta and B.C. to stop the wolf slaughter today!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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