Stop Late-Night Parties at London Zoo!

The London Zoo regularly holds after-hours “lates” to raise money. But while drinking alcohol at the zoo might be fun for the “late” attendees, it’s risking stress and even harm for the animals on display.

Drunk people and animals in captivity just don’t mix. But that’s exactly what the London Zoo is indirectly encouraging by throwing “lates,” after-hours parties where young adults can drink, dance and attend a comedy show.

It might sound fun for the people, but it’s putting the animals under stress — and even in harm’s way.

When the wine is flowing freely, too often, people lose their common sense. In one incident, a man poured his beer over a tiger’s head. Another man took off his clothes and tried to enter the penguin pool. A third asked a zookeeper, “Which penguin can I fight?”

Sometimes, the danger for the animals is all too real. One woman reportedly saw someone accidentally stumble and punch a bird. The same eyewitness also said that partygoers stomp ed butterflies to death as they staggered through an exhibit. Two years ago, attendees cracked the glass case of a snake enclosure, forcing keepers to relocate the animals before they escaped.

Even without these near-catastrophes, the zoo is essentially inviting hordes of loud, obnoxious strangers into a zoo right when most animals are trying to sleep. At the least, it must be incredibly stressful for the creatures, who have to deal with singing and dancing humans at a time when they can normally relax in private.

There are better ways to raise money for the zoo without courting disaster. Tell London Zoo to stop the “lates!”

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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