Stop the Badger Cull in the UK!

Tuberculosis is a growing problem in cattle. But independent reports say a mass badger slaughter will in no way stop the spread of the disease.

Last year, despite widespread public outcry, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) decided to launch two “pilot” badger culls, in which contracted marksmen shot and killed the animals at night. Defra authorised this mass badger murder to see if it would, in fact, stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis. An independent report has now made it very clear that the decision to shoot and kill an iconic British animal was simply wrong.

The report has found that two “pilot culls” were ineffective and may not have been humane. Far fewer badgers have been killed than the government claimed. Experts also say many badgers were still alive five minutes after being shot and at risk of dying in agony.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has called off plans for a nationwide cull. But he still needs to put a stop to the badger cull everywhere.

I find badgers delightful creatures. I started a Care2 petition to tell the government It’s time to end the cull. Staging a widespread badger cull is not the way to save our cattle from tuberculosis. Rather tha n causing these animals widespread pain and suffering, we should be spending resources on research to contain the spread of the disease.

Make your voice heard: Tell the government to stop the badger cull!

Yoiu can sign the Car2 petition here

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