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Stop the Drugging of Baby Animals

There’s no denying that baby tigers, lions, and monkeys are adorable. That’s why vendors in Playa del Carmen are drugging baby animals to make them docile enough for tourists to hold — and making a big profit through this inhumane business.

Many of us would love to cuddle with a baby wild animal, but that doesn’t mean our fantasy should come true. In order stay docile so that tourists can pay to hold and take a picture with them, Playa del Carmen vendors drug baby animals daily. These lion cubs and other babies likely arrive in Mexico illegally, and once they grow out of their “cute stage,” they’re ditched in cages and neglected. The entire system is rife with shameful mistreatment.

Save baby animals from being drugged and exploited in Playa del Carmen. Ask the President of Mexico to stop this animal cruelty.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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