Stop the illegal online trade in protected wildlife

A murky multi-million dollar trade in wild animals and their parts is booming in online marketplaces.

Launched today, IFAW’s report ‘Wanted – Dead or Alive’ exposes the shocking scale of online wildlife trade. The report shows how thousands of endangered species are bought and sold online.

You can help stop the illegal online trade in endangered wildlife.

Our intense six-week investigation found a total of 33,006 endangered wildlife and wildlife parts and products from species listed on the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Appendix I and II available for sale via 280 online market places across 16 countries.

Ivory, reptiles and birds were the most widely traded items. 54 per cent of the advertisements were for live animals!

Shockingly, at a time when roughly one in every 12 African elephants is killed by poachers, IFAW investigators found 3,047 advertisements for ivory or suspected ivory online.

This trade in wildlife is taking place when the poaching of endangered animals is reaching unprecedented levels.

Wild animals need your help. Take action now to stop the illegal online trade in protected wildlife.

UK websites hosted 1,087 online advertisements including ivory, turtles, tortoises, owls, exotic birds, monkeys and parts and products from elephants, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, alligators and big cats.

IFAW has been investigating wildlife trade over the internet across the globe since 2004.

It is essential that governments, policy makers, law enforcers and online marketplaces do not turn a blind eye to online wildlife crime. Governments must ensure they have robust laws in place that specifically tackle the unique challenges of wildlife cybercrime supported by sufficient enforcement capacity.

Help ensure that the UK Government cracks down on illegal wildlife trade over the internet. The Government will soon be reviewing the Control of Trade in Endangered Species Legislation and we want them to seize this opportunity to tackle the role of the internet.

Thank you for all you do for the animals.

You can support the IFAW action here

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