Stop the inhumane, ineffective and unscientific badger cull!

Healthy badgers are being trapped and shot in the UK — for no good scientific reason. Mothers may leave behind cubs, or cubs themselves may even be shot.

Senior scientists who produced decades of government research on controlling badgers to reduce bovine tuberculosis (TB) are calling for an immediate halt to the badger cull — and we are joining them.

Take action and sign my petition against the badger cull now!

An independent scientific assessment of previous pilot badger culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset concluded that up to 18% of culled badgers took longer than five minutes to die, failing the test for humaneness. The cull pilot was also shown to be ineffective in reducing TB in cattle — i.e. it is cruel and doesn’t work.

Despite all this evidence and expert advice against doing so, the Government has expanded the cull to Dorset and badgers are now being killed every day. In Dorset they are aiming to kill up to 835 badgers by 1 January 2016. In Gloucestershire, 679 and in Somerset, 524. There are no reliable figures of how many badgers exist in these areas or how many have bovine TB. It has cost the UK taxpayer nearly £7,000 to kill each badger so far.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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