Stop the killing of badger cubs!

The UK government has authorised badgers to be culled earlier in the year in 2015, meaning many of those killed will be young cubs. The badger cull is part of an experiment as it is thought that badgers may transmit TB to cattle. However, cubs are less likely to have TB, therefore less likely to transmit TB to cattle. They are going to kill cubs simply to meet targets, when it doesn’t make scientific sense to do so.

An Independent Expert Panel (IEP) judged the 2013 culls to be neither effective nor humane. Alternatives to badger culling such as TB vaccinations and testing for cattle are not supported by farmers because they cost them money – despite these potentially being very effective and not requiring the killing of badgers.

Please sign this petition to email your MP and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), to ask them to oppose the earlier badger cull which would result in hundreds of badger cubs being senselessly killed.

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